Soal Ujian Kelas 7 SMP #1

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Soal tes reading untuk kelas 7 SMP. Kamu diberi waktu mengerjakan 10 menit. Klik tanda "?" untuk menjawab. Jawablah sampai muncul tulisan "TRUE". Nilai bisa kamu lihat setelah selesai mengerjakan semua soal.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Multiple Choice

Choose the best answer!

My Friend

I have a new friend. Her name is Sabrina. She is a beautiful girl. She is about thirteen years old. She has curly hair, a pointed nose, round eyes, and bright skin. Her body is tall and slim. She is like an artist. She isn’t only kind but also smart.

Sabrina’s family lives in Jakarta, but she studies in Klaten. Sabrina lives with her grandparents whose house is next to my house.

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