Soal Ujian Kelas 10 SMA #1

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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Pilihan ganda

Bacalah teks dengan seksama. Kemudian pilihlah pernyataan yang benar dengan klik huruf A, B, C, atau D.


When I was a boy, I liked swimming very much. Each year my two brothers and I spent the holiday with our uncle and aunt in their house by the sea. It was only twenty yards from the water. The water was warm, the sun shone brightly, and most days there were no waves. In the middle of the day a wind always began to blow, but it was not strong and did not make the sea rough.

One day, we put on our swimming-shorts before breakfast. Then, we ran down to the sea across the sand and jumped in. We were in the sea or on the beach until late at night. When our aunt rang a bell, we went back to the house for food, but we ate it in our swimming-shorts and soon went back in the sea again. We were all very good swimmers. We dived through the waves or rode towards the beach on top of them until we were tired and hungry.

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