Soal Ujian Kelas 8 SMP #1

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Hai kawan. Dalam postingan kali ini, saya mengajak kamu menyelesaikan sebuah latihan soal untuk kelas VIII. Soal hanya terdiri dari pilihan ganda dengan waktu 15 menit.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Pilihan ganda

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My Holiday in Flores

I went to Flores last month. I went there to visit Australian Volunteer English teachers in Maumere, Ende and Bajawa. As a result, I also enjoyed the beauty of the island.

I started my first day in Maumere with Jo Keating. After visiting several schools in the city, we took an amazing journey over the mountains to the south coast. We visited a new junior high school there. Then, I traveled to Ende to meet Sharon Kidman. Ende has a great market with a lovely selection of traditional woven ikat cloth, and great seafood.

My next trip was to Detusoko. It is a mountain village. I went there with Ginny Edwards. Detusoko is not far from Mount Kelimutu. We woke up at 4 am to see the three different coloured lakes at dawn. It was truly inspiring.

My final trip was to Bajawa. It is a small town high in the mountains. It was a very cold place. Yet my trip was fun and memorable. I would like to go back to Flores one day.

(Adapted from KangGURU, December 2002).

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